Moslow Wood Products…Almost a Century of Experience

Moslow Wood Products (Powhatan, Virginia) was founded in 1917 by Martin Anthony Moslow in upstate New York. He started his business by manufacturing wood products for the U.S. Army during WW1. With each family generation through present day, came new business ideas and diversification of wood products.

In the 1930’s, Martin’s sons (Joseph and Martin, Jr.) entered the business and introduced the idea of  manufacturing wooden furniture frames, as well as industrial and institutional wood products.

By the early 1960’s, another generation hopped on board with fresh and exciting ideas. Joseph and Martin’s sons (Niel and William) expanded the business and began manufacturing products for the Award & Recognition Industries.

Present day, William Moslow’s children (William Jr. Jill, James and Karin), launched a separate company (Moslow Wood Products) in Powhatan, Virginia to manufacture solid wood award & recognition products, promotional products, framing projects (corporate & certificate based) and hospitality related items (menus, flight boards, cutting boards, etc).

Moslow Wood Product’s Family takes pride in manufacturing high quality, American- made products. As our products and capabilities have changed over the years, our commitment to quality and rapid customer response has remained unchanged. This commitment has made Moslow Wood Products one of the largest and most popular U.S. suppliers in the Industry.

Thank you for your business!

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