CPR4X8X.25 (BAND) with Laser Engraving

CPR4X8X.25 (BAND) with Laser Engraving

Product Features

Covid-19 has changed the way restaurants and bars sanitize items that are touched by workers and patrons. Unlike wood, our dishwasher safe, non-porous material check presenters do not harbor bacteria and has been trusted by commercial kitchens and the hospitality industry for decades. These items are made of wood fiber and recycled paper components which is certified by both the Forest Stewardship Council and the National Sanitary Foundation.

  • Heat resistant to 350 degrees
  • Material: Richlite (wood fiber & recycled paper components)
  • Color: Natural
  • Optional laser engraving (Monochromatic look)
  • PROP 65 approved

Richlite is made from natural material (paper). The material may have a slight color shift from one lot to the next. Paper is of course a wood product, and all woods (even hardwoods) will present oxidation over time. For example, a mahogany or cherry cabinet’s patina will naturally darken over the years. Even though this natural process occurs, MWP will try our best to not mix varying color pieces within one project.

Item: CPR4X8X.25 (1 Band)

Product Options

CPR4X8X.25 (1 Band)4" x 8" x .25"
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