AFM with Full Color Printing

AFM with Full Color Printing

Product Features

Our patriotic flag signage is perfect for decorating any walls in a corporate, retail, or restaurant environment. This item comes in 3 sizes and is made of burnt blue pine. Each is unique, hand torched and displays a natural patina of blue/grey. The decoration consists of hand-stained red stripes as well as plenty of room in the “canton”/art area for logos and copy. Decoration can be either laser engraving or full-color UV printing. Custom colors for the stripes are welcome. Keyholes are on backside for hanging purposes.

FUN FACT: A “canton” in a flag is the rectangular area, usually at the top hoist corner of a flag, occupying up to a quarter of the flag’s area.

Items: AFS, AFM, AFL


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Product Options

AFS10.5" X 18" x .75"5.5" x 7"
AFM18" X 30" X .75"9" X 12"
AFL22.5" X 40" X .75"12" X 15.5"
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