Designated "canton"/art area

Product Features

Our colorful, flag inspired wall hanging medallion display is handmade from environmentally friendly blue pine. Each unit is hand torched and displays a natural patina of blue/grey. It comes in 3 sizes and holds 25-90 two inch coins depending on the size. The decoration consists of hand stained red stripes as well as plenty of room in the “canton”/art area for logos and copy. Decoration can be either engraving or full color UV printing. Custom colors for the stripes are welcome. Keyholes are on back side for hanging purposes.

FUN FACT:  A “canton” in a flag is the rectangular area, usually at the top hoist corner of a flag, occupying up to a quarter of the flag’s area.


Product Options

AFRS10.5" X 18" X .75"2545.5" X 7
AFRM18" X 30" X .75"7069" X 12"
AFRL 22.5" X 40" X .75"90 612" X 15.5"
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