TTW4X6 With Laser Engraving

TTW4X6 With Laser Engraving

Product Features

We offer solid walnut and oak wood interchangeable signage to show menus, specials, WIFI, or Venmo/ Facebook/Instagram social accounts. If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, we custom produce too.

Items: TTO4x6, TTW4x6, TTO5x7, TTW5x7

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Product Options

MaterialInsert Size
Item #
TTW4x6 with U-bend acrylicSolid walnut4" x 6"
TTO4x6 with U-bend acrylic Solid Oak4" x 6"
TTW5x7 with U-bend acrylicSolid walnut 5" x 7"
TTO5x7 with U-bend acrylicSolid oak5" x 7"
TTWR4x6 with rings/sleeveSolid walnut4" x 6"
TTOR4x6 with rings/sleeveSolid oak4" x 6"
TTWR5x7 with rings/sleeveSolid walnut5" x 7"
TTOR5x7 with rings/sleeveSolid oak5" x 7"
TTW with sidesSolid walnut4" x 6"
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