Product Features

Our FECF item is available in three sizes and comes in a solid cherry queen anne or black finish. It features a gold beaded accent trim and a rout/slot for hanging purposes both horizontally and vertically. The frame is assembled with a removable masonite backing but does not include a glass front, allowing you to easily add and remove display items as you please. However, our framing department is readily available if you require assistance with the mounting process.

  • Item: FECF
  • Material: Solid cherry wood
  • Finish: Queen Anne or Black finish
  • Embellishment: Gold bead trim
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Removable masonite backing
  • No glass front
  • Rout/slot for hanging purposes (“landscape” or “portrait”)
  • Felt options available include Black and Navy (stock colors) or Royal Blue, Burgundy, Green, and Red (additional charges will apply)
  • Items shown inside the shadow box images are not included in pricing. If you choose to have MWP affix your items, you will need to supply them when placing an order


Product Options

FECF-1111.75 X 13.75CHERRY WITH QUEEN ANNE8" X 10"
FECFB-1111.75 X 13.75CHEERY WITH BLACK 8" X 10"
FECF-1212.75 X 15.75CHERRY WITH QUEEN ANNE9" X 12"
FECFB-1212.75 X 15.75CHERRY WITH BLACK9" X 12"
FECF-1414.75 X 17.75CHERRY WITH QUEEN ANNE11" X 14"
FECFB-1414.75 X 17.75CHERRY WITH BLACK11" X 14"
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