MWP-WEG group (4 sizes available)

MWP-WEG group (4 sizes available)

Product Features

What makes these boards so beautiful and unique? Our craftsman hand make each board in our Virginia facility. From the smallest size (9″ x 12″) to the largest size (16″ x 20″), each item is made up of 98-380 individual pieces to give you the pattern that makes these board show stoppers.

Laser engraving is an option that one must consider for this item. The initial, logo or copy stands out engraved in walnut.

Items: WEG912, WEG1218, WEG1418, WEG1620

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Product Options

MWP-WEG9129 x 12 x 1-3/8
MWP-WEG121812 X 18 X 1-3/8
MWP-WEG141814 X 18 X 1-3/8
MWP-WEG162016 X 20 X 1-7/8
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